• Identity in Motion

    Identity in Motion is an abstract virtual reality experience, inspired by what identity is and how it gets shaped during life. Originally shown on the 22nd of July 2016 at The Convent Arts Collective art show in San Fransisco. For a better experience watch it with Samsung Gear VR glasses and the Samsung VR app. …

  • TEDxTwenteU 2016

    With this year’s into for TEDxTwenteU “Breaking Barriers”, I made the audience travel through time and space, visiting the barriers that humanity has overcome… Music by: David Goedicke

  • TEDxTwenteU 2014

    For the second edition of TEDxTwenteU I was asked again to make a video to start off the event. See the video of the previous year here. To keep it original I decided to make this year’s video completely 3D animated (which is quite time consuming), but because of procrastinational reasons the video was made …

  • Control Your Snakes