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RFID Card Speaker

A low-complexity audiobook player

For the birthday of my grandfather I created a system that enabled him to listen to audio books. The idea for this device started when me and my family thought about giving my grandfather audio books for him to enjoy but noticed that he wouldn’t be able anymore to play them back. Loading CD’s and especially changing CD’s in the middle of the story multiple times can be challenging for people reaching a certain age. Therefore I started brainstorming about how a device would look like that is as simple as possible but still enables the user to choose a book he or she would like to listen to and play it back. It should also take care of remembering at what point in the story you stopped the last time so you don’t have to worry about searching the right time in the audio track.

This device is the result of those efforts and works by placing the “book-card” you want to listen to in the reader, which triggers the audio book to be played through the speaker. The system consists of a loudspeaker, amplifier, Raspberry Pi, power supply and RFID reader with a card for each book the user can listen to.