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Sensory Interactive Table

An instrumented, interactive dining table

The Sensory Interactive Table is an instrumented, interactive dining table that I built for the Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS) group at the University of Twente. It is used for studying the eating behaviors of people in a social setting.

The surface of the table consists out of 199 modules, that each have one load cell and an LED panel with 42 LEDs. The load cells enable the table to accurately measure the weight of what is lying on top of it and its location, creating a real-time weight distribution map. In the context of research into eating behaviors, this can be used to get a better understanding of how much food is being served and to whom and how fast this is being eaten. The LED panels turn the surface of the table into a display, that can be used to give visual feedback to the people sitting at the table about their behaviors.

Multiple papers have been published concerning the table which can be found here:


About the development of the table


The table in the context of social eating