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TEDxTwenteU Intro’s

Intro videos for the UTwente TEDx events


I was asked to create an introduction video for the first TEDx event at the University of Twente. For this video I filmed at different locations around the university campus to give the audience something they could relate to and make it feel like something that is happening at this university.
I wanted the video to show how TEDx brings the interesting stories of the speakers together for this event while also introducing the names of the speakers. Therefore, I inserted multiple rolling “X”‘s in the shots that each carried the name of one speaker with them to the building where the event took place.


For the second edition of TEDxTwenteU I was asked again to make a video to start off the event.
To keep it original I decided to make this year’s video completely 3D animated (which is quite time consuming), but because of procrastinational reasons the video was made in just three days (including render time, which is I think some kind of record).
Luckily I was being helped by David Goedicke, who did (again) an amazing job on the music and the design of the city scene.


With this year’s into for TEDxTwenteU “Breaking Barriers”, I made the audience travel through time and space, visiting the barriers that humanity has overcome…
Music by: David Goedicke