Fraksl is an interactive fractal creation app for iOS and Android which I made using Unity.
The user can use touch gestures to navigate the fractal space and apply different filter and mirror effects to change the look.
The app includes a build-in screen recorder and screenshot functionality to make it easy to share the your fraksls with friends.
As of september 2018 the app is downloaded almost half a million times on the Google Play Store.


Initial concept by:
Lukas Zielonka
Jan Kolkmeier
David Goedicke
Thomas Beelen
Emiel Harmsen

After we released a crude version on Android, I rebuild the app from scratch to improve the performance and include colored fractals, different user selectable filters, a user-friendly menu, image and video screen-capture and sharing functionality, live camera overlays, improved bookmarking and release the app to Apple iOS