The Mind of CreaTe

The Mind of CreaTe facilitates a network of interactive CreaTe projects and provides different ways to interact and visualize this network. With a custom made library for the Arduino board, students can (relatively easy) make their projects compatible with The Mind of CreaTe and make their work accessible for a larger audience.

The network is based on a previously built CreaTe project; The Musical Mind. This project consists of a physical installation with 20 balls and tubes connecting them to each other. This artistically represents a brain with neurons and synapses. LED’s inside the balls and tubes visualize the state of each neuron and visualize the pulses travelling through the synapses. The installation is reused for The Mind of CreaTe as a tangible visualization of the current state of the network of projects.

The same visualization is also available in the virtual domain by means of a website. This website consists of the following elements:
– A complete overview of the network visualized by a semi-3D animated representation of the physical installation and a description of the system itself.
– The projects that are currently connected to the network and a description and picture of each project.
– The data that is travelling between them and.

See the Mind of CreaTe in action here.

An article on UTnieuws: Interactieve ‘mind’ moet creative technology promoten

Me, during my bachelor presentation

Me, during my bachelor presentation