Brain Computer Interfacing

During the course “Brain Computer Interfacing” we set out to control the CreativeMind by using a brain-computer interface. A Steady state visually evoked potential (SSVEP) was measured in the brain by letting the user concentrate on one of four flickering balls in the CreativeMind. Those four balls would each flicker at a different frequency. This frequency could be spotted easily in the measured brain signal, and therefore it was possible to determine to which ball the user is watching. The CreativeMind would then generate animations based on the ball the user is looking at.

SSVEP with the CreativeMind

Measuring brain signals while the participant looks at the CreativeMind


The frequency spectra of the brain signals while concentrating on one of the four balls. Each ball flickered at a different frequency which corresponded nicely with the peak in the spectrum of the detected signal.